Close-up of an open mouth being checkedSolihull, Birmingham, is home to more than 206,000 people. Any of these residents may require an emergency visit to a dentist for trauma to the teeth brought on by accidents and other unpredictable situations. The majority, however, are more prone to silent and slow means of destroying their teeth.

Dental implants may be necessary because of the following mistakes:

Drinking Too Much Energy Drink

Energy drinks sure give that much-needed jolt of energy when a person has to deal with a sensitive deadline, but there are two side effects to this: reliance on the energy drink, and the destruction of teeth over time. In a study conducted by Dr Bierman, he found out that energy drinks are even worse than fizzy pops. When he submerged one of his wisdom teeth in a glass of energy drink, after weeks the enamel–the strongest substance found in the human body–started to come off in chunks. Another wisdom tooth submerged in Coca-cola was stained black.

Forgetting to Brush Before Bed

Before bedtime is the worst time to forget to brush your teeth. It is when bacteria have the most undisturbed time to multiply. You wake up to bad breath and a host of bacteria gradually eroding your teeth. Maybe you have done this in your younger years, which explains the need for dental implants now, or perhaps you have recently fallen out of love for brushing. At any point in your life, there is a need to pay close attention to the health of your teeth, including your implants, to prevent further problems from cropping up.

Not Teaching Children the Importance of Flossing

This one is not about you. This is about your children, who look to you as a source of information. They do more than follow your rules; they copy what you are doing. And if you do not value brushing and flossing, they will do the same. This leads to them growing up neglectful of their oral health, making them vulnerable to several dental problems.

It takes years of neglect for teeth to decay. That means you can still change your ways, but it is always better to do it as soon as possible.

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