mom and child enjoying the snow and skiingThe holidays are a time for families to come together and bond over the warmth of the fireplace and hot cocoa. While the indoors are the ideal place to fight Jack Frost, the outdoors are where the fun is, especially for children.

Fun in the sun is okay, but nothing beats the thrill of the chill. There is plenty to do in the snow, and with companies like Pedigree Ski Shop offering Obermeyer outerwear, it’s easy to stay warm and cozy outdoors. Since winter is coming, here are some activities that you and your kids can enjoy:

Holiday Memories

Winter is the perfect time to plan a trip and make lasting memories. Grab your warmest coat, pack your car, and head off to the nearest ski park with your kids. This is the best time for them to experience skiing.

Some children start skiing at between two and three years old, but according to experts, five is the ideal age for them to hit the bunny slopes. At this age, they will be more coordinated and less afraid. Cross-country and downhill are some forms of skiing that are kid-friendly.

Snowy Staycation

If your backyard turns into a winter wonderland, then feel free to make new memories there. Help your kids with their first snowman. You can even bring your neighbors in and have a friendly snowman-building contest. Give the kids props and costumes to help them decorate their own Frosty. Have the parents vote and give out prizes afterward.

If you want a more fast-paced adventure, why not try tobogganing? Nothing beats the excitement of speeding down a snowy hill, bracing against the cold. Just remember to be safe and always be on the lookout for your children. Once they’ve landed, why not have your kids try their hands at snow angels?

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