reliable online marketing agencyEven though known brands and popular content dominate the first page of search engine results, it’s still possible for small businesses to keep up with them. With the recent changes in Google Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, search engine optimization (SEO) is possible for anyone.

If you’ve been reading articles from Search Engine Journal or Search Engine Watch, then you’ll know that hiring digital marketing experts like Truelogic Online Solutions, Inc will be beneficial for you.

Marketing Strategies That Work

According to a survey done by Bright Local, around 20,000 US-based businesses have generated leads from online marketing (54%), word of mouth (26%), SEO (19%), online directories (15%), Pay-per-click or PPC (3%), and traditional media advertising like TV and radio (3%). In the survey, digital marketing strategies are dominating. This means that small businesses shouldn’t ignore the power of the Internet.

Social Media Marketing and Web Design

Around 46% of businesses believe that social media is important to their business. As many people are going mobile, getting leads from social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are beneficial. The problem is the usability, however. When users click the link on your posts, it shouldn’t end there. It’s important to convince them to stay and explore the site.

Many experts from Truelogic Online Solutions and trusted firms believe that a good online marketing strategy should also go with an effective website. A responsive web design is necessary, as it’ll make the website more readable for users. They’re more likely to buy because they’ve understood the content well.

How About E-mail Marketing

Using e-mails for promotions is getting old, but it doesn’t mean that it’s dead. Many small businesses tend to ignore the benefits of e-mail marketing since they focus more on social media. When implemented properly, the return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is around 44% of every dollar spent. In addition, it’s among the most affordable online strategies you can do for your business.

The next time you plan an online marketing strategy, consult specialists from Truelogic Online Solutions Inc or those from other leading SEO websites.

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