For most people, waking up early is difficult. But for some, getting out of the shower in the morning is the bigger challenge.

It Feels ColdThe science of cold shower

Things are easy at first: People step into the bathroom under a steamy blanket of hot water. But then they turned off the shower faucet, open the door, and suddenly felt cold.

Why does stepping out from a warm bathroom make some people feel like they are living in Antarctica?

Experts say the answer is evaporation. When people step out of the shower, the water clinging to their skin begins to evaporate. But to change into a gas, that water needs heat energy.


The water in the body acquires that energy by sapping heat from their surroundings. In the case of morning shower, the water on their body cools.

The water on their skin isn’t the only thing that turns cold. Evaporation also absorbs heat from someone’s skin, making them shiver even more.

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