a college studentStudying for years and years can burn anyone out. And as your graduation nears, you may be asking yourself if you should even take the SAT. Many universities and colleges don’t require it, so is it even worth your time to take this test? Here are the reasons you should do so:

SAT is universally accepted

It’s true that many colleges and universities don’t require the SAT. But even if you don’t take the test, you will still need to take a college entrance exam. All major universities in the U.S. accept the SAT as an admission test.

So at this point, it’s better just to take the test so when you end up needing it, you already have one. And it wouldn’t be a waste of your time and effort since all major universities accept it anyway, whether they require it or not. Go ahead and practice for the SAT as much as you can. You can even enroll in SAT preparation courses to improve your chances.

SAT can balance out a low GPA

So maybe there was that one class you found truly difficult, so you ended up flunking it and ruining your 4.0. Don’t panic. You haven’t ruined your chances of getting admitted into your dream college. Doing well in your SAT can balance out your low GPA and will let admissions committees see your real potential.

SAT opens doors for scholarship opportunities

Many top colleges grant scholarships to students with excellent SAT scores. Check if the college of your choice offers SAT scholarships and check their requirements, so you know your goal. This is just one of the many ways to get funding for college. After graduation and you’re all grown up, you will be happy you took that test because you don’t have to pay for a hefty student loan.

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