broken clunkerDue to age and certain factors, some broken cars are irreparable. Repair shops can try to fix some problems and make it run for days, and if you’re lucky, for months. But eventually, you may find yourself grumbling about its failure to run while you’re in the middle of the freeway. You can keep your old clunker, but until when? Being sentimental about your car is no use, as it will only take up space in your garage and may end up as an eyesore when rust starts to eat away at it. Below are some things you should do when this problem starts to bug you.

Call the Manufacturer or the Insurance Provider

This is the very first thing you should do. Ask your manufacturer about the necessary steps you should do. You should also call your insurance provider and ask them if there are any policy they can offer you. Check your eligibility in case they provide you with options.

Ask for a Second Opinion

Try to check with another repair shop if you’re somewhat near to despair about having your car repaired. This may not be a sound idea to some, but if you’re going to pursue this, make sure that the repair shop will give you a full coverage of the repair’s warranty. This is to ensure that you won’t be consistently coming back with the same problem. Three words: this is expensive. Your old car will require an overhaul or some parts may need replacement. When everything seems hopeless, go for the last option, which is to trade your junk car for cash.

Look for a Junk Car Trade

When the first two options won’t work, look for traders that will give you cash for your junk car. This will be your car’s final destination. Not only will you receive a generous amount for it, you will also help save the environment by recycling or disposing it properly.

These are only some of the solutions when your car is beyond repair. When considering these options, don’t hesitate to ask your family and friends, especially when you’re looking for referrals.



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