students studying online in a charter schoolA charter school is basically just like a public school but with key differences. Although it’s also publicly funded like any other local public school, it has more managerial and curricular independence and autonomy. However, charter schools in Salt Lake City or elsewhere must still conform to the same major laws and regulations that apply to conventional public schools.

Just about anyone, from parents, social entrepreneurs, community leaders, teachers to private business owners, can start a charter school by submitting a proposal to the charter authorizing entity of their state. The requirements and authorizing body may vary from state to state.

How is It Funded?

Charter schools are tuition-free. So, where do they get their funding? Much like traditional public schools, they get funding from the government. However, the key difference with a public school is that charter schools receive funds based on the number of pupils they have. In some cases, they may also receive private funding.

How Do Charter Schools Differ from Public Schools?

Charter schools and public schools are similar, yet also different from each other at the same time. For instance, they’re both tuition-free, receive funding from the state, and admit anyone to their schools without discrimination and prejudice. The similarities, however, end there and the differences start here.

Both charter schools and traditional public schools receive funding from the government. However, the amount they receive varies. Public schools receive funding from a mix of state and local tax revenues while charter schools are given a fixed fund based on how many students they have currently enrolled in their school.

The curriculum of a charter school is also more flexible than a conventional public school but must adhere to the charter drawn by a certain group, which could be a group of parents or teachers, government entities, the local school district, or even a for-profit organization.

All parents want to send their kids to a really good school. However, not all areas have top-notch public schools, and private schools are just too expensive. Charter schools provide a good option for many parents who live in such areas.

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