Barber styling his customer's hairRunning a barbershop is a huge responsibility and takes a considerable investment. One of the most significant investments in your shop is your hair cutting scissors. There are various pairs of scissors you will need for different hair cutting techniques.

When picking your barbering scissors, the primary element that should guide your choice is their handle. The handles should be comfortable regardless of the hair cutting technique to prevent any strain on the fingers’ muscles. Here are the types of handles you can pick for your scissors.

Offset Handles

These are the ideal handles for barbers who use the ring finger to hold their scissors. The offset handle gives the barber room to place their hand in a relaxed and natural position when styling hair. But they will still need to raise the elbow to get a correct position with the scissors’ blades. Offset handles also have a short thumb ring to reduce the risk of overextending your thumb.

Swivel Handles

Scissors with a swivel handle have an ingrained swivel for the thumb ring. The swivel ensures your thumb maintains a suitable position regardless of the direction of your haircut. The swivel handle also minimises the restriction of your thumb. This reduces hand and wrist discomfort and pain.

Crane Handles

These are similar to offset handles, but they have a very straight top handle. In fact, some stylists call them ‘very offset handles’. When cutting hair, crane handles allow you to position your body while preserving proper blade angle. For stylists prone to neck and shoulder pain, crane handles are the best choice.

When buying your scissors, the right handle is essential for your employees’ comfort. The handles will also determine the outcome of your haircuts. Pick the right handles for your shop’s scissors to keep your business’ doors open for an extended period.

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