couple computing their cost for movingVarious expenses are an inherent part of moving—some costs you could plan for while others might surprise you. It’s vital that you plan well so that you could stay on top of your moving budget and your timeline. Here are some important things to take into account when creating your budget:

Choose How You Want to Transport Your Belongings

Do you want to do everything DIY style or hire a professional mover? If you’re leaning towards hiring professionals, you need to consider some important things. Depending on your allotted budget, you might also consider packing services.

In general, you could opt for a partial or full pack, or purchase your packing materials from the mover. When calculating your expenses, research your options well and try to get long-distance moving quotes instant so that you could easily decide on the right mover for your needs.

If you decide to do the packing yourself, estimate the cost of everything you’ll need for packing up your stuff.

Consider Everything That Needs Fixing in Your New Home

When you’re done with packing, estimate how much you’ll personally need to spend to get to your new home. Usual costs include gas, food, and lodging.

Then before arriving at your new home, consider everything that needs fixing. Do you want your place to be spic-and-span and ready for moving in, or do you want to move in first and then clean and fix it up? For your convenience and if applicable, consider getting your new place painted and cleaned professionally before you relocate.

How much would your utility bills be at your new home? Would you need an Internet connection at the get-go? Factor in at least a month or two of these costs into your moving budget.

Last but not the least, add at least 10% to your moving budget. Moving expenses could be quite unpredictable so adding 10% to your budget could give you some peace of mind in case an unexpected cost comes up.

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