acquiring certificate III in businessThere are jobs that are in-demand for only a specific period, but there are also those that are always needed. Having a sought-after job means a stable career, higher compensation, increased career growth, and better work opportunities. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or an employee who wants to explore other job opportunities, consider a job with any of these ever in-demand careers:


When it comes to preparing taxes, maintaining public records, and tracking cash flow, Certified Public Accountants or CPAs rely on their sharp math skills to keep books in order. Accountants can use their skills in different fields, including management accounting, public accounting, internal accounting, and government accounting. This is why they will always be on want ads.

Business Personnel

Australia offers you limitless opportunities if you have what it takes to become an effective manager, executive, consultant, or business personnel. Big businesses in the country need experienced leaders and personnel to help them take their business to the next level. Among others, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, business management, and a certificate III in Business can offer you a great career in the corporate world.

Registered Nurse

Nurses help doctors and other healthcare providers treat patients and provide emotional support to the families of patients under their care. They work in different health care facilities, including nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, schools, and private homes. The healthcare profession, which includes nurses, is the country’s biggest employer. The Department of Employment reports that the healthcare and social assistance industry accounts for one in every 4 new jobs this year and until 2017.

IT Specialist

The world is becoming more technologically advanced, providing bigger opportunities to IT and computer support specialists. Computer or technical support specialists provide solutions to customers having problems with an appliance, device, or software they purchased. They are problem-solvers, helping people find a solution to a hardware or software issue. The growing number of computer–based products prove that careers in IT or computer support will continue to increase in demand in coming years.

Demand for workers in the country remains high, with a significant number of businesses reporting that they yet to fill the workforce they need. Land a job on any of the in-demand careers above and have a brighter future and better life.

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