cruise shipPilgrimage to specific religious sites is not always a requirement for Mormons. However, Mormons can witness the sites of crucial events and learn more about their faith. One of these places is Israel, sometimes called the Holy Land.

A travel agency like Cruise Lady can help you visit the Holy Land. You can explore the Sea of Galilee and the different towns mentioned in the Bible. Other than the famous tourist sites, here are three places that will be of interest to Mormons.

Orson Hyde Garden

The Orson Hyde Memorial Garden in Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives is famous. The less famous Orson Hyde Garden is in Netanya. A professor who taught in the 1970s at the University of Utah and admired the teachings and lifestyle of the Mormons established it. The garden has a tree and plaque for all presidents of the LDS church, including James Talmage and Orson Hyde.

The German Cemetery

This cemetery is in Haifa. It is the burial site of two LDS missionaries who died in the 1870s after contracting smallpox. Local authorities prevented their remains from leaving the area. The ministers made it possible for the BYU Center to get building approval many years later from local authorities.

 BYU Center

The LDS-owned Brigham Young University in Jerusalem is a campus of BYU in the U.S. It offers a fantastic view of the old Jerusalem and has Jerusalem model cities from different periods, including when Lehi left in 600 BCE. You can take sacrament at 10 AM on Saturdays in the center’s chapel.

A visit to Israel is incomplete without the three sites mentioned above. The trip can be affordable if you consult a reputable tour company.

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