Sentosa IslandSingapore is a place full of adventure, fun, and surprises. However, small as it may be, you will never run out of things to do here. Make the most out of your stay with these two travel essentials and enjoy the convenience that these things have to offer.

A Stored Value Card

If you want to travel without the hassle of purchasing a ticket for each journey, get a Stored Value Card. They have cards for tourists they can surrender for a refund if there is any remaining balance on it at the end of the trip. There is also the multi-use stored value card that allows you to pay for goods and services, meaning store purchases and transportation services.

This card can get you anywhere, using any form of transportation available in the country and allows you to purchase goods and services at participating merchants.

A Pass for Your Planned Activities

Discover all the fun things you can do in a day and explore the exciting side of Singapore with attraction tickets. You can get bundled or individual tickets for single or multiple day access, with the option to choose from the many available attractions.

Singapore is popular for its resort islands where you can do pretty much everything in one day, and offer activities for recreation and relaxation for every type of tourist, any time of the day.

Get exclusive deals when you book online and have it ready days before your travel date. Purchasing online is the most cost-effective and convenient way of getting these attraction tickets and with special rates to boot.

Getting around Singapore is easy and convenient with these two traveller essentials. These save you time and effort as you go around and explore interesting places, and make it easy for you to focus on the journey and have a really awesome time.

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