Leather bootsShoes, it is said, make a man and boots are a necessity in every man’s wardrobe. Cowboy, football, work, and dress boots are some of the common types on the market. A leather dress boot, however, is one that should form part of your collection.

There are various dress boots you will come across at a boot store here in Austin. Your desired style and outfits will determine the best one for you.

Here are the various types of men’s dress boots you can select from.

Lace-Up Boots

The laces are quite evident in lace-up boots and make a significant part of their design. Lace-up boots can be either open or closed system. Closed-laced boots, however, appear more formal compared to the open-laced ones. The boots can be ankle or knee-length.

You can choose to tuck in your pants for a casual look or leave them out for a formal one.

Chukka Boots

People also call these turf or desert boots. These are arguably the most versatile dress boots. They are best for casual looks and pair well with jeans, corduroys, and khaki. Chukka boots are, however, not ideal for cold weather since they are unlined and thus do not insulate well.

Chelsea Boots

You can also call them paddock, dealer, or jodhpur boots. They are classy and super elegant boots that work with both casual and formal looks. Chelsea boots are ankle-length and lace-free. They have elastic panels on each side which make them breathable, close-fitting, and easy to wear.

Dark colors are ideal for most men, but you can opt for blue, red, or green elastic panels for a personal touch.

Proportions matter when wearing dress boots. The trick to managing your boot’s dimensions correctly is to wear trousers that accentuate your boot’s shape and style. Ensure the pants you wear do not cover your shoes beyond one or two inches. The right pair of boots can significantly boost your style.

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