Bobcat Hire in PerthThere are many reasons why you might want to avoid the use of an excavator. Everything about them is expensive: the operator, the license and permit requirements, the training involved, the maintenance on the equipment, repairs, and the excavator itself.

But to lessen the costs, you can actually do a Bobcat hire. Perth, Australia has a lot to offer. Yes, you can make do with human personnel with shovels, but these are the reasons you should go with excavators instead:

1. Manual digging is costly.

Yes, if you add the costs of buying or hiring the equipment, paperwork, licensing, training, and salary of the operator, going for an excavator will look pricey. But look at the long-term costs of the second option.

Manual digging will take more manpower. Multiply that by the days they need to complete the job, plus health coverage and union dues, then you’ve got a much larger bill to pay.

2. You can complete the job quickly.

Compact excavators can dig through small acres of land in a day. This is best for projects where time is of the essence and there are other operations on hold while waiting for this step to be done.

3. It is safer.

Excavators have safety features that protect the operator from hazards like flyaway dirt and metal. If you go for shovels, then know that digging unexamined soil can be dangerous, and you will be putting more people at risk if there are a lot of them on site.

4. You can do more than just digging with them.

Besides the bucket, excavators have room for extra attachments like hydraulic breakers and claps, plate compactors, and wrestle grapples for added functionality.

Excavators do the digging for you. Working without them will make farming and other land work harder and even dangerous. Of course, there are safety concerns, the union, and licensing bodies to take care of, but the benefits outweigh the costs in the end.

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