Practice testIf you are an aspiring or a practicing computer technician who wishes to gain certification from the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), you could take a A+ certification practice test before embarking on the real thing.

Passing this exam gives you professional legitimacy, which, in turn, could lead to more clients, and, of course, more income. Should you decide to finally take the A+ test, you will have to practice your knowledge on these four subjects or computer domains.

1. Hardware

Hardware takes up 34% of the A+ exam questions. Your review should cover the following subdomains: BIOS and UEFI, motherboard components, PC expansion cards, processor selection and protection, RAM, storage devices and media, and power supply, among others.

2. Networking

Networking takes up 21% of the A+ exam questions. The subdomains your review should cover include types of cables and connectors, networking tools, characteristics of connectors and cabling, network architecture devices, TCP or IP characteristics, connection types, TCP and UDP, SOHO wireless and wired router as well as WIFI networking.

3. Mobile Devices

Mobile devices take up 17% of the A+ exam questions. Your review should cover the following: laptop hardware, accessories and ports, laptop display components, types of mobile devices, and laptop features.

4. Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

Hardware and network troubleshooting takes up 28% of the A+ exam questions. Your review should cover troubleshooting procedures for the following components: motherboards, CPU, RAM, HDs and RAID arrays, common video issues, wired and wireless networks, common mobile device issues as well as printers.

Yes, it’s possible to review for the A+ on your own. However, there are still many advantages to be had in joining review classes.

In terms of knowing exactly what to prepare you for and with, these classes will help you pass with flying colors. If your goal is to receive your certification in just one take, enrolling in one of these classes should be on top of your priorities. It is a rather worthy investment.

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