Woman applying her tanning lotionA bronze skin tone highlights the curves, cuts and muscle detail of your body from the shoulders to the legs. It takes time, effort and some money to get the perfect shade of brown for your skin type. Before you lay under the sun for the suggested amount of time, you must do certain things to get the results you want.

Protect your skin

Using tanning products shortens the time you need to spend under the sun to get the color you want. However, long and frequent exposure to the sun may damage skin, cause premature aging, and increase the risk of getting skin cancer. This also results in excessive dryness and oiliness, which may lead to acne breakouts.

To prevent these from happening or at least reduce the possibility, Bali Body and other skincare experts recommend applying tanning oil with SPF. Products with some form of sunscreen allow you to tan for longer, minus the risks of overexposure.

Moisturizing is a must

Soft skin looks good in bronze; moisturize the night before sunbathing and after it. Focus on parts of your body that dry faster than others so that you can get an even tan. Staying under the sun too long causes dryness, which may result in an uneven shade. Moisturizing is part of the solution to this problem as it hydrates the skin and prepares it for another day of tanning.

Do not forget to exfoliate

Tanning is your skin’s natural reaction to sun exposure. This may result in accumulation of dead skin cells. If you leave these on your skin, it may block the rays and cause an uneven tone. This is when exfoliating becomes an important part of the tanning process as it removes dead skin cells and dirt. Exfoliate gently to avoid rubbing the color out.

These are some of the things you should do before and after a tanning session. Doing these evens your skin tone from head to toe, and reduces the risk of skin damage and cancer.

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