Filled vintage jewelry boxThere are various reasons you might consider selling your jewelry. You might need cash or want to get rid ones you no longer need or want, like wedding and engagement rings after divorce. Regardless of the reason, it is essential to get a reasonable price for your pieces.

Selling your jewelry to a Utah-based jeweler such as will fetch you more money compared to pawnbrokers and other options. There are various ways to ensure you bring a good price from your sale.

Here are some of these ways.

Get Your Piece Appraised

Just because you have an old diamond or gold ring does not mean it is valuable. Before selling your jewelry, always get an independent appraisal to know how much you should expect. This protects you from getting fleeced and helps you make a realistic expectation.

Jewelry prices change constantly and the value of your piece last month might not be the same today.

Consider Your Terms

Have considerable terms for your buyer before starting the sale. Consider the time frame of your transaction as you might get a lower price if you want a quick deal. If you are not willing to negotiate your price, ensure you are clear about it from the onset.

Cash sales are the ideal and safest option to avoid getting caught up in scams.

Prepare Your Jewelry Appropriately

Your jewelry’s condition determines its value. You will fetch a decent price if your piece is flawless. Consider a little cleaning before the sale to make your piece sparkle. Professional cleaning is the ideal option for DIY cleaning might damage or even destroy your jewelry.

The thought of cash might be alluring but ensure you are emotionally ready to sell your jewelry. Some pieces carry high sentimental value, and if you are not ready, it might leave you with buyer’s remorse. You should also ensure you only deal with reputable jewelry shops to get a decent price and avoid getting fleeced.

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