Woman holding a dental implant modelWhen someone experiences tooth loss, the chances are they’ll want to do something about it.

Many people are surprised at the effect that one tiny missing tooth can make to their day to day lives. From changing the look of their facial appearance, to having trouble when eating certain foods, brushing and flossing. When the tooth has fallen out, there is no need to panic. People can find a long-lasting solution to restoring their smile, by coming for dental implants in Ealing.

What’s so Appealing About Dental Implants in Ealing?

While there are other solutions to fixing the gap in the teeth, going for dental implants at dentists such as Ikon Dental Suite is an increasingly popular option. The screw acts as the root of the tooth to support the crown. In mimicking the nature of the original tooth, the long-term health of the surrounding teeth is not compromised.

Another benefit is that dental implants last a long time. Every patient is different, but they can last upwards of 25 years if patients maintain good oral hygiene.

What About Leaving the Gap?

Some people are not too fussed about the look of the gap, or they may have left it for a while and got used to it over time. They may consider dental implants in Ealing a waste of time and money. However, gaps in the teeth aren’t all about the look. The teeth come as a set, and that is how they work at their best. If gaps are left for too long, the opposing teeth may begin to move into the new space. This causes problems associated with misaligned teeth such as increased risk of plaque build-up and gum disease.

How Does it Work?

Now the benefits are clear, what about the treatment itself?

Dental implants consist of a titanium or titanium alloy screw that is inserted into the jaw. It is then left to heal, allowing for blood vessels and bone to grow around it and support it.

The implant provides a strong foundation for the new tooth, which is attached to the implant using an abutment. The crown is made to look as close to the original natural tooth as possible.

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