Let’s face it, surprise birthday parties are hardly surprising after we reach a certain age . The jumping out of the dark and yelling ‘Surprise!’ won’t even make a child bat an eye. People need something else to remember their significant days, and what better way than trying to scare the bejesus out of them?

Sydney Harbour

For people taking accommodations in the Rocks, the Ghost Tour is one of the most unique and eye-catching tourist attractions in the state. Just imagine spending our birthday listening to Sydney’s best (worst) haunted stories while walking through dark and narrow lane-ways where they supposedly happened, with nothing but a lantern and a ghost to guide you (that’s right, every tour gets a ghost guide).

The city accommodates many of the Rocks’ original buildings from the 1800s, breeding the best atmosphere for the spookiest experience you’ll ever get. But, the best thing about these tours isn’t the atmosphere or the drama of the whole arrangement; it’s the fact that it’s not unheard of to experience the supernatural on the tour itself.

Invisible Children

There’s a story of a woman who went on one of the tours and noticed a scruffy looking blonde child at the end of the tour group. She felt annoyed that an adult would leave a child unattended at night when all of a sudden; the child smiled at her, turned around, and vanished before her eyes.

Quarantine Eyes

There’s another story of a woman who went on the tour of the Quarantine Station in Sydney Harbour. The station was where officials held people coming in on the ships when they were suspected of carrying contagious diseases. Unfortunately, some of them were indeed infected and never left the station alive.

The woman on the tour heard the story and was impressed with the actors that were languishing on the hospital beds. The make-up was so good; the people actually looked deathly sick. When she voiced her experience to one of her companions on the tour, she was shocked to hear that there weren’t any people on the beds when they went through, and sure enough, all the beds were empty.

The eeriest thing was, she recounts, how the ill looked at her as they passed. Their eyes focused and followed her as the group passed, and she looked back only to realise no one was there a few moments later.

An actual ghostly encounter; wouldn’t that make for a birthday you won’t soon forget?

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