Car AccidentA driver is always at risk of being directly involved in a vehicular accident. Almost three million crashes a year were recorded on American highways in the past decade, in fact. To avoid fatalities, you have to be aware of the situation.

The risks are real

Even the most cautious of drivers isn’t exempt from the risk of a highway mishap. There are many types of drivers on the road, and not all of them will be model drivers. What must you do in case you are met with an unfortunate incident on the road? More so, how should you deal with the situation if you are alone?

Ensure your safety first

Whether you are the cause of the accident, ensure your own safety first. Check yourself for injuries before thinking about helping others involved. If you can, warn oncoming traffic with hazard lights. If you find that other people are injured, do what you can to call for help.

Proper documentation

If there are no physical injuries to impede you and members of the other party, make sure that the site of the accident is documented properly. Take photos and record the exact location of the accident.

Get relevant information from all parties involved, as well. The name of the other driver involved and the license plate of the vehicle that was wrecked will be invaluable. Exchange relevant information, such as phone numbers, addresses, and insurance details.

While waiting for law enforcement, find the time to write down notes about what happened, and how the events unfolded. If witnesses are around, ask for their names and contact information, too.

With the help of an experienced car crash attorney, residents in Kent who find themselves involved with a road accident get through the crisis intact.

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