reliable business phone systemsIn today’s business environment, a business cannot sustain itself without more open communication lines. The management, executives and employees need clear, fast and convenient hosting solutions to make this happen and prevent misunderstandings and delays because of inaccurate or insufficient information.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone systems often is regarded as the best solution for companies looking to solve communication issues. This process changes your phone’s analogue signals to digital data transmission over the Internet. Bypassing regular phone lines, this system cuts your costs to a minimum.

There are, however, often some issues to examine in the first instance. For instance, do you have a good broadband provider, is your computer prepared sufficiently and is your network performing efficiently enough? We’ll explore what we mean by these issues and how you might be able to tackle them.

Insufficient Internet Connection

Some service providers install a system that can only really handle web browsing only. VoIP calls need a different set of Internet protocols to send voice packets efficiently. Installing a faster connection will solve the major problems with business telephone systems.

Router Firewall Issues

With VoIP, organisations need networks that are supportive of voice transmissions. A busy signal or a maximum of ten minutes for every phone call are problems highlighted in the past with router firewalls. First, check for any changes in the settings and disable applicable changes to see if there will be an improvement. A software upgrade is also often advisable, as it can solve some VoIP firewall problems.

Network Inconsistencies

Unclear or ‘chopped-up’ audio happens due to voice data assembling in an order different from the original way they were sent. A technician may use jitter buffers for your business VoIP telephone system to temporarily store arriving packets. This usually minimises delays during the transfer, enabling you to clearly hear the person on the other end of the line.


Sometimes with low quality broadband, there are times when you could hear the same statement twice. This is not usually a problem with your caller, but often a problem with your internet provider. Check with them to find out why you may be experiencing these technical issues.

Configuring Your VoIP Network

Consult with your VoIP provider for different solutions any configuration issues. A reputable provider should help you to set-up your new communications system.

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