A Family Brushing Their Teeth TogetherFor parents across the world, determining just how much dental care to give their toddlers is a confusing challenge. No parent wants their children to suffer cavities. Unfortunately, few mothers know how to prevent them best.

Hertfordshire dentists – such as Much Hadham Dental Care – will tell you, these are the four best ways to protect your child’s teeth.

Start early

You may not see them, but most of your baby’s teeth fully develop in the jaw at birth. Therefore, you need to start taking care of them even before your child starts teething. Regularly use a damp wash cloth to clean their gums gently, so you remove any harmful bacteria.

As soon as the first tooth appears, start using an infant toothbrush.

Use fluoride

Once your baby starts getting teeth, it is important that you use fluoride. Fluoride helps toughen enamel. This makes it hard for harmful acid to penetrate your child’s teeth. Start by using a tiny amount of fluoride to limit the amount that your baby swallows. Use fluoride supplements if necessary.

Take them to the dentist

Once your baby is a year old, take them the dentist for their first visit. During this visit, the doctor will examine your child’s teeth for any problems and recommend the proper dental care routine for them. The best dentists for your kid are those that specialise in treating children.

Avoid harmful foods

Discourage sugary foods, sticky gummy candy, juices and other destructive foods as they can erode your child’s enamel, exposing them to cavities. Every time they eat these foods, have them rinse or wash their mouths to remove the sugar.

The health of your child, including their dental condition, should be your priority. By exercising simple oral care practices, you can prevent harmful cavities, tooth decay and early loss of teeth.

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