renoirs auctionPierre-Auguste Renoir’s personal belongings, which have been labeled as the single largest archive, will be put up for auction in New York on September 19. Items sold include a host of personal letters, photos and other memorabilia that will offer people a rare insight into the life of the master painter as he essayed various roles in life including that of an artist, a loving husband and a devoted father.

Auction Value- $3 million

The Renoir Estate Collection has been valued by the Heritage Auctions at a whopping $3 million. Apart from the above mentioned items, there are 19 original sculptor models created by Renoir between 1913 and 1918 also being put up for sale.

Ever since Renoir’s death in 1919, his personal archive remained with his family until 2005 when his grandson offered it on sale as a single lot. The owner who then bought the archive is now auctioning it in 143 lots.

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