red and white modular houseWhen considering getting an alternative to conventional structures, you have two options to work with–kit and modular homes. While these two both have the benefit of offsite construction, their installation, price and delivery are very different. So, which structure is appropriate for you? Have a look at the main differences before making a decision:


Both require you to have building permits before you can install them on your property. Individuals who want to build the structure for themselves should get a permit too, but there are tons of responsibilities on the owner.

Financing Options

You can obtain funding for your kit home construction project from various lenders. You’ll need to hand in the project documentation and wait for project checks before your loan approval. Similarly, you can obtain financial help for a modular home structure, except that the process can be quite lengthy. Working with an experienced builder can speed up the loan processing.

Design Ideas

You can get a standard or customised modular home. If you’re considering a customised home, you can make changes to the house plan, get extra features on your home, and get fittings upgrades. For the kit homes, you can make a few changes to your structure, but with limited options.


When paying for a kit home, you’re covering costs for the structure and may have to pay for the extra costs of furnishing and installing accessories to your structure before you can eventually move in. Therefore, although the initial purchasing cost may be low, your overall cost will be high. The price of modular home structures, meanwhile, is inclusive of the structure cost, installation cost, and all the accessories in your home.

Both kit and modular homes are viable housing options. However, it’s essential that you do your research on each to determine which one suits you best. Modular home structures are flexible in design, while the kit homes are a more economical option.

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