Female Employee with her clientDespite happening over a year ago, the Brexit issue still looms. This is why you must improve your A-game to lure in more clients and dispose of your competition.

Other than offering free conveyancing quotes like firms such as The Conveyancing Network. Help your business provide an all-inclusive and dependable service with the suggestions listed here.

Go above and beyond

The key to conveyancing is customer service. It does not have to be over the top, it can range from adopting a proactive attitude, promptly returning calls and answering them when they ring. You can even choose to allocate an individual fee earner to take care of clients.

Your goal here is to make them feel that you always prioritise their needs.

Meet clients and agents expectations

Try not to under deliver or overpromise. When an agent calls and asks for an update, do not reveal that you are still waiting for feedback from Vendors solicitors and you will chase them. It sounds like they had to remind you for you to do something.

Instead, tell them that you are expecting the Vendors solicitors to get back to you after five days. This way, you manage their expectations.

Collaborate with clients and real estate agents

Consider having collaboration meetings with estate agents to talk about any issues encountered and to communicate best practices. Interacting with all parties boosts efficiency and guarantees that you meet the needs of clients.

Automate procedures

E-conveyancing is all the rage these days and businesses know that they need to keep up with the technology. Automation does not only save money and time, but it also adds considerable worth where technology offers a great chance to do things differently.

Forget about the unstable market and just focus on how you will deliver the best service for your clients. After all, they are the ones who will keep your business running.

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