Women working outIt’s easy to think that women should be working out in the same manner as men. But certain reasons (mostly physiological ones) beg to differ. A full-fledged female exercise program addresses this. But perhaps it also pays to understand how women’s exercises differ from men’s.


Several women may think that the difference is simple. If they train like men, they’d grow ‘too muscular’ or they might believe that they have ‘special workout needs’ as females. The Fitter Female agrees that the difference is much more than that.

One circumstance involves hormonal patterns that may or may not make it difficult for women to lose fat in certain areas of their bodies. As for the ‘growing too big’ dilemma, the simple lack of enough testosterone will keep it from occurring.

On Body Fat Percentage

People may focus on maintaining a certain level of body fat as they work out. For this, it’s important to know that women have more body fat than men. For example, the ideal amount of essential fat for men is two to five percent. For women, it’s 10-14 percent. It would be wrong (and dangerous) for women to eye for men’s ideal body fat percentages.

Women carry more body fat for a reason. Their bodies should be able to nourish a baby in the womb at any time. Their fat deposits make that possible. According to experts, women’s fat deposits contain copious amounts of DHA. This omega-3 fat is critical in helping babies’ brains develop. Not to mention, it also makes up about 10 percent of the brain itself.

Whether they like it or not, women must maintain a greater level of body fat and shouldn’t try to emulate men’s ideal levels by working out harder.

These two factors must govern how a woman’s exercise program should be. But it’s also important to remember that weight training and a good diet are key to maintaining a healthy weight, just like how men do it.

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