While the term “cult following” conjures creepy images of fanatics and brainwashing, in business it’s simply used to describe a hard-core group of dedicated and loyal customers. These supporters don’t just like the brand, they love and live it. Wherever they are, they can’t help but tell everyone about how great your product or service is. And isn’t that what every brand wants to achieve?

Krispy Kreme customers will tell you their heart-warming family experiences, and how the donuts became a precious part of their daily life. Harley Davidson has built an entire community of enthusiasts over the decades. Starbucks created countless coffee aficionados all over the world. How can your brand emulate that kind of success? Well, while their individual stories are vastly different, there are a few key things they have in common.

Selling a lifestyle

Harley Davidson Sales Co. PostcardHarley Davidson was never just about selling motorcycles. It focuses on gathering people of similar interests or lifestyles, and creates a connection with them. They set themselves apart from their competitors, and created a clearly defined image of who Harley Davidson motorcycles were for. As a result, their customers felt a strong sense of belonging, identity, and solidarity.


Krispy Kreme’s glazed donut has been the same for decades, and they’ve built their empire on the happy memories associated with it. It’s at the point where the “HOT NOW” sign, which indicated that there were fresh off-the-belt donuts, has become iconic. Their glazed donut’s reliability led to it being included in their customers’ daily lives and most important moments.

Building a relationship

In today’s social media driven world, building a relationship with your fans isn’t just a good idea, it’s required. Any brand that wants to build loyalty needs to encourage consumer participation. The basics would be to reply to top comments on your posts; the best companies take it one step further, and do things like daily contests where they share something a fan made.

Of course, none of this would be possible if there isn’t really anything remarkable about your product or service. And no matter how good you are, you still need to be visible to make it work. You need a great marketing campaign, with a strong website supported by SEO services, like what the team at nustudio.net.au develops.

But these basic things are what turn good brands into legacies.

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