Man dressed as a cowboy for HalloweenHalloween is just around the corner. It is that time of the year again to dress up and have fun at costume parties. Excitement is stirring up inside you – then, thud! You hit a snag. With only a couple of days left to prepare, you ask yourself, “What would I wear?”

If you want a quick-on-the-draw idea, wear clothes from the Old West. By that we mean, be a cowboy, of course!

Here are some reasons to consider this theme:

  • The Cowboy is a symbol of the free and pioneering spirit of America’s Old West. You will be wearing a piece of history, and nobody is going to accuse you of not being imaginative enough. It is still creative despite the cliche, but at least it is not outlandish.
  • According to Google Frightgeist, The Cowboy ranked 50th among the most popular Halloween costumes last year. Chances are you will be different but without standing out from the crowd. What is important is you will be comfortable and be able to blend in.
  • All you need is a cowboy hat, a plaid shirt, and a pair of jeans. Except for the hat, these items may already be in your wardrobe! To add more flair and authenticity, put on a pair of boots. Better still, cowboy boots for men.
  • You can find affordable pairs for both men and women in some specialty western outfitter shops.
  • In this costume, accessory ideas are quite easy, and they can further define your Cowboy character. For example, a domino mask will give you the Lone Ranger; a Sheriff’s star, Wyatt Earp. For the women, bring a prop rifle, and you will get Calamity Jane.
  • With a dash of creativity with what you already have, this ensemble may cost you little or nothing at all.

In short, The Cowboy costume is meaningful, comfortable, convenient, affordable, and at this time, your best bet. So say farewell to your indecision! Lasso in this suggestion and ride it into the sunset.

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