friends enjoying beerThough hops are not essential in making beer, beers made without hops tend to be dull, excessively sweet, or just plain unpleasant. Hops give beer added bitterness, flavor, and aroma — generally giving life to an otherwise boring brew.

American and Australian brewers have made hops essential in their beers and different hops from the two continents have taken center stage. Have a look at two different hops from two different parts of the world.


Galaxy hops come from Australia and are among the most successful and popular brewing hops. It is now easier to buy Galaxy hops in America, as specialty importers have seen their popularity among local brewers.

Galaxy hops are good for bittering, provide fruity flavors, and are very fragrant. They manifest strong citrus and passion fruit tones when used as the main flavoring ingredient. Beer made using Galaxy hops are best consumed shortly or close after brewing as the distinct fruit flavors tend to blend as it matures.


Citra hops are homegrown in Washington, USA and are known for giving the beer a lighter and fresher taste. It is one of the most popular hops for single hop pale brewing. Considered more of a flavoring than a bittering hop, Citra hops provide a wider variety of flavors and aromas compared to other hops.

Flavors of lime, mango, passion fruit, and orange — mixed with touches of grapefruit, lychees, and gooseberry — makes Citra unique in its characteristics. Citra hops have an intense flavor profile and while beers brewed using them may taste a bit more “hoppy”, they still retain the smoothness that people like in their beers.

The two hops may be different in terms of use and flavors, but their popularity in both countries is unmistakable. For a hobbyist or a serious brewer, brewing beers using hops from different continents opens a world of possibilities.

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