A man installing a fence around his home The two main functions of a fence are to protect the owners and their property, and to protect the public from a situation inside the fenced-in area. Permanent fences are usually used in the former, while the latter is known for using temporary fences.

There is a variety of temporary and permanent fences available in the market. Providers such as Superfence advise that it all depends on your purposes, so before you hire temporary fencing services in Hamilton, it would be helpful to have an idea on what type of fence you would need.

Types of temporary fencing

1. Chain link

Chain link fences are also known as traditional fences. It has a heavy base and uses chain link panels to make it easier to install. This type of temporary fencing is used in construction sites, residential or school properties, as well as areas that need crowd control.

2. Mesh fence

Mesh fences are great alternatives to chain link fences. Its light weight makes it very easy to transport and install. An individual can single-handedly install a mesh fence. It also comes in different colours and is free of sharp edges, which can reduce the risk of injuries upon installation.

3. Picket fence

White picket fences are commonly seen in movies depicting traditional suburban homes. But picket fences can also be rented and used to make your pool party a private affair. Or they can be used to keep your dogs within the vicinity of your property.

4. Barricade fence

Barricade fences are commonly used in commercial properties like carnivals and construction sites. Companies use them to keep vandals and vehicles away from the construction area.

Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your needs and purpose. Knowing the different types of fences available makes it easier for you to choose the right type of fence suitable for your needs.

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