Metal fenceThese days, the number of construction projects has been and still is on the increase, thanks to the rise of new construction technologies that make every next project easier to work on, and state-of-the-art equipment that helps construction project managers complete them on time and with less labour.

For this industry, work safety is a big concern. These job sites require safety reminders for everyone. Only authorised visitors are allowed to enter, and everyone should know the safety precautions.

The best way to ensure that your site is safe from intruders and trespassers is to use temporary fencing. You do not have to buy these fences for every construction project. You could get temporary or moveable fences for hire.

Three of the most common temporary fencing you can use to secure your job site include:

In-ground chain link fences

This type of fencing is the temporary option for ordinary chain link panels. It comes with pounded posts, so the fences are portable. To enhance its security properties, you can add barbed wire. You can also use dust and privacy screens on these fences.

Temporary panel fences

If you are searching for a fence that you can install and reconfigure in one position, then temporary panel fences are what you need. They come with extensive and heavy fasteners for stability and strong clamps for easy installation and re-installation.

Traffic barricades

This fencing option is sturdier than most, making them the most viable option for minimising and controlling movement within job sites. You can also use barricades to control vehicular access to construction sites.

In-ground chain link fences, temporary panel fence, and traffic barricades are the three most common fencing options you can use to ensure your job sites are secure and safe workplaces. The most cost-effective way is to rent these temporary fences from a reputable fence rentals company.

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