A/T 4WDAs you may well know by now, nocturnal animals rule the animal kingdom at night. And that’s primarily because these animals see movement even when darkness falls. If, by any chance, you’re planning a trip to the heart of the Outback, you had better equip your 4WD with powerful lights; or you could be putting yourself and your entire family in danger – needlessly.

Probability of It All

Seeing and being seen is a prerequisite to road safety – a notion most pronounced when driving at night. The WHO (World Health Organization) data shows that nearly 5% of ‘severe truck crashes’ in Germany is rooted in poor night-time visibility of the truck and its trailer. And one closer to home, in the state of Victoria, 65% of crashes between 4-wheeled cars and motorized two-wheelers can be traced to poor visibility.

Unfortunately, when the probability of accidents is high, the instances of fatalities also increase. European research found that a third of all pedestrian casualties didn’t realise the upcoming danger until it was too late, Outback Equipment warns.

Making the Most of Your Adventure

You might say, it really doesn’t matter as the only things that go bump at night in the Outback are just animals (e.g., kangaroo, dingo). Know, however, that Australian government data show that a lot of collisions happen when drivers swerve to avoid animals – accidents most common at dawn or dusk.

Equipping your 4WD, therefore, with the best lighting technology can offer is vital. In your search, considering a LED driving light bar is well worth the effort. Not only does it draw less energy and last longer than halogen equivalents, LED lights the area brightly – directly in front of you.

So, even if you’re driving on a dark moonless night or through treacherous conditions (e.g., fog, snow, rain) visibility is high. This means accidents are at a low. There’s no need to risk the road; relying on LED lights should give your 4WD a good start.

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