guests reading through a restaurant menuThat one marketing piece that every client sees in a restaurant is its menu. Nowadays, even people who do not go and dine at your restaurant can have access to your menu, thanks to online restaurant apps.

Regardless of whether or not you have it on laminated papers, cardboards or on corflute sheets, you need to have a well-designed menu to gain customers or sell your products. It should always have high product quality, says signage supply specialist Eurotech. Here are some suggestions.

Take time in designing

Invest your time in choosing the right colour, font, font size, and layout. Different colours have different psychological effects, so do font types and sizes. They affect your customers’ whole dining experience. Make sure your menu is user-friendly and is easy to navigate by having a practical but appealing layout.


Learn to separate your menu to important sections (i.e. appetisers, chicken, side dishes, desserts etc.). Promote items that can give your restaurant higher profit margins by putting them into sections (i.e. boxes).

Use enticing visual aids

Seeing what the order would look like can excite anyone, so do the photography right. You may also opt to use illustrations to communicate the restaurant’s personality to your customers.

Be mindful of the price

Avoid putting currency symbols in your menu. Studies show that the absence of currency symbols in menu actually encouraged customers to spend more. It is important, however, to remember to keep your prices reasonable.

Train your staff

How your staff markets your menu affects the whole dining experience. Make sure your staff is well versed with the menu items as well as the ingredients used in your dishes. Your staff should also be able to give proper recommendations to undecided customers. Letting them taste the dishes first hand can be included in the training.

Do not underestimate the power of your restaurant menu. They may be staples in your restaurant, but they are as important as the dishes you serve. Invest in your menu and impress your customers.

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