checking of the bar code of a product packagingSales and marketing experts can attest to the fact that packaging does count. Abacus Printing, a company that provides complete printing services, believes that creating a memorable product lies in attracting customer attention right from the get-go. For businesses in the wine and liquor industry, attractive packaging plays an even bigger role since it could hint at a certain product’s high-quality taste and sophistication.

Not Everyone Remembers the Name

The first thing most customers will remember is what a product looked or tasted like. The brand of an item may not immediately register to the customer, but by creating a powerful visual impact through a product label, there is a chance that the name of a brand may stick.

Achieving visual appeal means your wine bottles and their accompanying labels work together to create a lasting impression. If a consumer tastes your wine at a restaurant, they may feel compelled to purchase a bottle to enjoy at home.

Tell Them What to Expect

Eye-catching wine bottle labels are just one side of the coin, however. Informing your consumers of what they can expect from the product will allow them to decide whether the wine will suit their preferences.

With useful information at hand, customers can already have a clear idea of wine and its properties. French wines, for example, contain information on the type of grape used, as well as its growing conditions. While a bottle that contains such details may not always be eye-catching, they do serve to inform your target market.

Make sure you have a clear idea of how you want your customers to recognise your brand before you take on wine bottle design. Do you only make small batches of special wines or are you a subsidiary of a larger vineyard? This will help both you and your selected printer come up with the perfect pitch for the different kinds of wine you offer.

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