Playground Design Playground design is an important element when it comes to children’s play area. If you want to design a new play area or you are redesigning an existing one, consider the factors below for a play area that is appropriate for children.


Before you consider a place suitable for play, take into account whether it is far from the classroom. Consider whether children can come in directly from their room without having to cross a street, as crossing a street would mean having to deal with car traffic. There have to be washrooms near the playground, to prevent young children from wetting and soiling their clothes during play.

Accessibility and inclusivity

A playground should be accessible to children with disabilities. In addition, it has to be inclusive, thereby allowing children with handicaps to take part in play activities on an equal level with the rest of the children. Remove all architectural barriers, which may hinder children with disabilities. Create substitute routes for children with disabilities.


Is the playground equipment in the school or park age-appropriate? If you are designing a playground for several age groups, have equipment that meets varying needs, without compromising safety. In addition, the playground should provide prospects for creative play by providing open-ended equipment that can be used for multiple purposes, based on a child’s imagination.


When it comes to childcare programs, safety should be taken seriously. Teachers should carefully supervise children’s play and ensure that the play equipment is free from safety hazards. While supervising the children, it is important for the supervisor to pay great attention and intervene whenever play becomes hazardous. Have in place procedures and policies to ensure regular inspection of the playground. Further, you should have a fence around the playground to prevent undesirable entries.

Embrace the value of free play

Free-play, where children are not entirely directed, is important because it enhances creativity, confidence, social skills and self-esteem. As such, a playground should provide an opportunity for free play where children can pretend and express themselves freely. To ensure free play is achieved make a playground an interesting place with activities and equipment that provide fun to the children.

As can be seen, a playground is an important area in any childcare program, thereby requiring careful thought before designing one. Taking into consideration these aspects will help you come up with a great place where children can have fun while developing important life skills.

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