Repair specialist working on an AC maintenanceHaving an air conditioning system is important in most buildings nowadays. It keeps your indoor air cool and gets rid of contaminants and debris, which might cause various respiratory issues. A range of problems might plague your AC from time to time, but the most common is a refrigerant leak.

This is best handled by your trusted AC service and repair experts in Salt Lake City. Refrigerant leaks cause loss of your AC’s cooling power, frozen coils, and high energy costs. They also pose a significant risk to the health of your building’s occupants. Whipple Service Champions outlines the typical causes of AC refrigerant leaks.

Accumulation of Debris

Dirty filters are among the most common causes of refrigerant leaks. A dirty filter is incapable of filtering out debris efficiently; therefore, the dirt and debris inevitably build up in your AC. This damages various interior parts of your unit when vibrating and causes holes through which the refrigerant leaks.

Formicary Corrosion

The formaldehyde used in some AC systems is very mild, but over time, it turns into formic acid and creates holes in your system’s copper tubes. This is called formicary corrosion. To counter this, a few new systems use R-22 in place of formaldehyde. Some experts might recommend applying epoxies, silanes, polyurethanes, and fluoropolymers on your AC pipes’ interiors to counter formicary corrosion.

Loose Rubber Seals

The rubber seals around your AC’s service valve are meant to protect your system’s interior components from outside elements that hasten its corrosion. Over time, however, these rubber seals might become loose due to wear and tear. These loose seals result in refrigerant leaks.

Sorting out the above causes of refrigerant leaks takes minimal time and will not leave a hole in your pocket. Preventing them in the first place is even easier and cheaper than fixing them and their consequences. Routine professional maintenance goes a long way in preventing AC refrigerant leaks.

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