Your bathroom should address all your needs. But what if it is too small? When you are short on space, it is hard to determine what to prioritise. Read on to learn the tricks on how to turn your tiny bathroom into a stylish and functional space.

shower screenBegin with Space Planning

If you have a tub that is too short to use, ditch it and install a stand-alone glass shower stall instead. By doing that, you can leave the toilet to where it is. You can also save yourself the cost of changing your plumbing. Choose a glass shower enclosure to make the area feel much brighter and bigger. Look for companies that sell and install shower screens. Perth WA has some of the best selections.

Use Light and Neutral Colours

Light, neutral colours can make a small room seem larger. Choose cool shades like whites, beiges and pastels on the walls to give the illusion of more space.

Do Not Use Busy Patterns

Avoid using busy patterns in a small bathroom, as they close in the space. You should also avoid contrasting colours, as they seem to chop up the area.

Use a Vanity with Shelf

In choosing a vanity, go for a style that has a shelf to have room for baskets to store your towels and other items. This will help you maximise space and avoid too much clutter.

Recess Your Shampoo Shelving into the Walls

By burying your shampoo niches into the wall, you will have a few more inches of storage than using a triple shelf corner shower basket.

Go Big on the Mirrors

Your bathroom can feel grander if you add a mirror that reaches the ceiling. Choose a tall, expansive mirror that has a lighting on top of it to make the area grow.

Allow Natural Light to Enter

Bathrooms should have natural lighting, especially for women, as it helps with their make-up application. If you are worried about privacy, you may cover the window with a translucent window shade instead of a shutter. By doing this, you can have natural light without sacrificing your privacy.

Though your bathroom is quite small, it can still function just as well as the other places in your house. All you need is to know the tricks, and you can transform your inconvenient bathroom to a visually spacious functional room.

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