Doctor Holding a Ceramic HeartAmericans diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis can benefit from the promising outcomes of TAVR—a minimally invasive cardiac procedure that a patient can discuss with doctors of cardiology in Provo. Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a modern alternative to surgical aortic valve replacement.

Aortic valve stenosis

The aorta, which extends to about a foot in length, arises from the left ventricle of the heart and is the largest artery in the body. Narrowing of the aortic valve may be mild, moderate, or severe, a condition that is known as stenosis. When the valve fails to open properly with every heartbeat, there are grave consequences. In severe aortic stenosis, there is a lower volume of oxygen-rich blood leaving the heart and supplying the rest of the body. Persons diagnosed with this type of heart disease suffer from chest pain, shortness of breath, and may succumb to fatal heart failure if there is no effective intervention.

Who benefits from TAVR/TAVI?

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) or transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) is a procedure performed to replace the affected aortic valve and improve blood circulation. TAVR is less invasive than open-heart surgery.

Persons with aortic valve stenosis who are at high risk for other medical complications may benefit from TAVI. A multidisciplinary team works together to perform the procedure, which involves removal of the valve that is damaged and implantation of a new valve.

A better quality of life

Nevertheless, the minimally invasive procedure gives patients a chance at a better life. After the repair of the valve, research has shown that people report a better quality of life within 30 days after the procedure. Persons involved in this study also report continuous improvement one year after the procedure. In a separate study, TAVR outcomes are better for women than in men by about 15 percent in terms of survival rate.

By opting to undergo TAVR, many patients are enjoying a productive life despite the heart valve disease. Inquire about TAVR benefits and risks from a reliable cardiology expert and make an informed decision.

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