women exercising on treadmillEverybody knows that exercise has a lot of physical benefits — helps lose weight, improves muscle strength, reduces risk to diseases, and so on.

What some people don’t know though is that physical activity can also improve the skin — in many surprising, interesting ways. So for ladies who are following a strict skincare routine, exercise may well be part of your regimen.

Work Out for That Glow Up

The link between exercise and improved skin is increased blood flow. When you work out, the body is revved up, improving blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to cells in the body, including the skin.

So, every time you engage in physical activity, you’re essentially nourishing it. What’s more, regular workouts prompt the body to release natural oils, making your complexion smoother and suppler.

Also, in the same way, that exercise helps to tone the muscle, it also improves the firmness of the skin. As people age, the skin gradually loses a layer of fat, which contributes to that feeble physique. But if you exercise right, that is, strengthen those muscles, you’ll be able to regain that toned skin.

To achieve that, prioritize resistance exercises, like lunges, planking, and push ups. You may also want to get into circuit training, with three to four sets of weight-bearing drills and cardio in between, to remove cellulite.

Consider going to a fitness studio for women so you can get tips from trainers on how you can properly do these exercises.

Water for Skin That Looks Better

Reaching out for water in between workouts is inevitable. But it’s beneficial not just in keeping you refreshed and energized to take on intense workout routines, but also in keeping your skin refreshed and energized.

Drinking water flushes out toxins in the body, which improves the look and suppleness of your skin. Increasing water intake also prevents saggy skin, medically known as “decreased skin turgor,” which is common when you’re exercising for long periods.

When you pinch the skin at the back of your hand, and it didn’t snap back immediately, it’s a sign that you’re dehydrated, so you have to drink more.

The bottom line is, exercise helps in improving the skin as it increases blood flow, helps tone the muscles, and encourages you to drink more, more water. Now, if you do not feel that motivation to work out to lose weight, do it for your skin.

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