Two girls shoppingIn today’s extremely competitive market, it’s a must that you have something to offer to consumers that will stimulate their want to do business with you. It’s not enough that your products or services cater to their requirements; just as important is having the edge over the competition, or you are at risk of losing your market share. 

And while there are many things that you can do to attract the attention of prospects, there are only a few that can quickly convert them into paying customers.

One example of such is e-commerce financing options.

Getting into the “buy now, pay later” (or installment) game

Online financing options, also known as customer financing, flexible payment plans, flexible financing, installment plans, or the most popular “buy now pay later,” has become one of the primary characteristics consumers look for when conducting their online shopping activities. With this, they can purchase a product or pay for a service at a later date or through partial payments, but acquire the goods at the time of the transaction.

With the majority of consumer credit users stating that they prefer this over upfront payments, not having it in your payment methods can mean a drastic loss of potential customers. In other words, you should adopt this means as soon as possible, so that you can remain competitive and have the sales pouring in.

The attractive checkout option for both parties

Flexible payment plans benefit both sides: you and your clients. You get to increase your sales and improve your bottom line, while your customers get what they need and pay for it a much more convenient time. And much thanks to innovative technology, this alternative e-commerce mode of payment has become more inexpensive over the years, while also featuring ease-of-use for the end-user.

E-commerce financing can make a huge difference not just in your first-time client transactions; it can pave the way for stronger relationships and customer loyalty, so make sure you adopt it as early as now.

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