Diamond engagement ring of a womanPicking an engagement ring requires due diligence. You, after all, want to make the greatest impact and show your love to your partner in the best light. The perfect gemstone option for engagement rings is a diamond. The carat, color, cut, and clarity are the factors you have to consider before making a choice.

But AAA Jewelers notes that the diamond setting is also an essential factor when looking for engagement rings in Utah.

The Prong Setting

This setting uses thin prongs or metal posts, which extend from the ring’s base to secure your diamond in place. It creates an elevated profile that prominently presents the stone. A prong setting exposes your diamond to maximum light and makes it your ring’s focal point. It, however, leaves your diamond exposed to damage and might not be ideal for those with hectic lifestyles.

The Bezel Setting

This setting surrounds your centre stone with a bezel or metal rim. It offers a secure setting for your stone, making it ideal for those who are active with their hands. The bezel setting is perfect for heirloom diamonds that have some chips, as this setting can hide imperfections. It, however, blocks out light and your diamond might not shine so much.

The Channel Setting

In a channel setting, the diamonds are set into a groove or channel in the band in a straight line. Round and princess cut diamonds are commonly used in this setting. This setting creates an unbroken wave of exquisite diamond sparkle and is a secure way of displaying your diamonds.

Meanwhile, the tension setting suspends your diamond and holds it using inward pressure from two opposing sides of the ring. The sides are typically heavy and bold to maintain pressure and keep the stone in place. Tension can, however, decrease with wear and tear or accidents and loosen the diamond.

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