photo of a woman talking to two people in a support groupIf you recently joined an eating disorder treatment center, then it’s likely that you’ve received lots of valuable information on what you should do in your journey to full recovery. Have you also learned what not to do? Here are four mistakes that could get in the way of your progress, so avoid them as much as you can.

1. Being Self-Critical

It’s common for most people with eating disorders to beat themselves up, but this habit should never be accepted as the norm. Criticizing yourself only makes you feel more ashamed of yourself and can affect your motivation. The last thing you want right now is exacerbate an already hard situation. Keep your mind on positive thoughts and be proud of what you’re achieving.

2. Losing Hope

When your condition is serious, and recovery is taking too long, it’s easy to begin losing hope. But understand that losing hope doesn’t help. If anything, it only undermines your progress so far. There’s no fixed timeline for recovery from eating disorders, and sometimes it can take years. Remain hopeful, trust your treatment team, and keep moving on.

3. Keeping Quiet

Understandably, you don’t want to disclose sensitive information about your struggles and shame to people. But keeping things a secret can be dangerous. Hopefully, your treatment team has people you can trust and open up to. Choose friends and family too that you feel comfortable talking to about your present struggle.

4. Ignoring Advice

Your nutritionists, therapists, and other professionals in your treatment team have experience in helping people recover from eating disorders. Failing to follow their advice at any time can negatively affect your progress, so don’t do it.

Recovering from an eating disorder takes lots of courage, support, and discipline. Along the way, you need to be keen or else, you might commit mistakes that could slow down your progress.

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