Little girl having a dental check upDo you have to drag you kid screaming and kicking to the dentist? You’re one of the millions of parents that must face this ordeal every year. But here’s some good news for you. There are simple ways to make your kids fall in love with the dentist. Why not start with these tried and tested strategies?

Find a friendly dentist

If your kid is terrified of dentists, it’s likely that they’ve had an unpleasant experience with previous dentists or have heard horror dentist stories from other kids. Walker Pediatric Dentistry suggests looking for a kid-friendly dentist in Utah to help them feel more comfortable during visits. Don’t forget to let the dentist know about your child’s fear so they know how best to address the problem.

Don’t let them learn to fear dentists

Kids who have never visited a dentist don’t know they need to be afraid of anything. If this is going to be your kid’s first visit, avoid arousing anxiety by talking about your own fear of dentists. Rather, gently let them know that the doctor is a helpful, kind person that helps take care of their teeth.

Sit with them at the dentist’s office

Most kids are not really terrified of the dentist themselves, but rather of being left alone by their parents during the visit. Assure your child that you’ll be with them throughout the process. Kids who feel safe during the dental procedure are more enthusiastic about visiting the dentist compared to their counterparts.

Reward good behavior

After your child remains calm and brave while at the dentist’s office, reinforce the behavior by giving them lavish praise. Buy them a gift or take them to see a movie. Doing so boosts their confidence, and they’ll be eager to show you just how much they can be courageous during the next visit.

Dental care is of great importance to your kids. By being creative, you can help your kids look forward to their visits to the dentist with great eagerness.

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