Workers in front of fuel storage tanksWhen shopping for an oil storage tank, you’ll find different types to choose from. However, as Heartland Tank Services noted, a common feature among them is they have met the API 650 standard requirements. What are the elements that make a tank compliant to this standard? Here are some of them:

1. The Quality of the Weld

The strength of the plate depends on the state of the weld holding the plates together. The weld in use must meet the quality and strength of the material in question. Some standards dictate the procedure for welding to guarantee safety.

2. The Integrity of the Plates

During the fabrication process, it’s easy to alter the plate integrity. Therefore, it’s best to ensure that the straightening process doesn’t affect the structure of the plate in any way. The adhesives and lubricants that aid in the fabrication process should not corrode or compromise the plate’s integrity.

3. The Tank Erection

It’s your role as a buyer to cater for the grade and foundation work. Nevertheless, the tank’s manufacturer should ascertain the ground tolerance levels before you commence installation. Once the tank’s foundation is right, the manufacturer should maintain that grade in an optimum condition. The erection and welding process should only take place when the prevailing conditions are right.

4. The Inspection

After you come to the end of the tank erection process, you should get tank inspection services, which often include the examination of welds and vacuum testing to be sure that your tank is safe. You should also have the right permits and regulation documents that pertain to the tank and its use in your area.

As a buyer, you have the sole responsibility to ensure that the tank of your choice meets the API 650 requirements. You will need to check the necessary documentation and confirm that the manufacturer complies with the set rules. Also, ensure you work closely with your tank manufacturer to ensure that the fabrication, installation, and inspection is timely and professional.

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