selling unwanted clothesMost households are full of clothing that owners don’t want to wear anymore because they’re out of style or no longer fit. Fortunately, consignment or buy/sell/trade stores purchase gently used apparel. They offer owners cash on the spot or a percentage of the money earned from the resale of the items.

If you’re planning to sell unwanted clothes to local consignment or buy/sell/trade stores, here are the ways to prepare them:

Edit the Closets

Look through all the closets in the house. Look for pieces that don’t fit, or you haven’t worn in the last year or you won’t ever wear again.
Pick out pieces that are in fashion and feature high-end designer labels, as these items are more attractive to the stores. Skip pieces that are three years or older, and are no longer in style.

Examine the Clothes

Lay the items out and examine them for holes, stains, tears, or broken zippers. Fix broken zippers and reattach lose buttons if any.

If the pieces have noticeable stains or damages, don’t attempt to sell them. Consignment and buy/sell/trade shops will only buy clothing that is in good shape.

Check the pockets for loose change, garbage, or other important items, like old certification cards.

Wash the Clothes

Wash the clothing according to the directions on the label. Launder jeans with other jeans, silk with silk, and knits with knits, as this ensures that delicate pieces won’t receive damages, or pills from sweaters won’t land on the jeans.

Hang and Fold the Clothes

Hang up items that should be stored in closets, such as dresses, sweaters, and coats.

Fold clothing not stored on hangers, such as t-shirts, jeans, and shorts, and then place them into plastic storage totes. Don’t throw them into garbage bags, as this will cause them to wrinkle. This will only make the shops think they’re dirty or not high quality.

Unwanted apparel doesn’t have to remain unwanted. Prepare and sell them to local consignment and buy/sell/trade shops to gain more value out of them.

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