Student ready to studyYour ability to learn is highly dependent on your study habits. As found in many studies, it is not how much time you spend studying that counts the most, but how. Therefore, students must make it a point to adopt good study habits.

Below are some harmful practices you should avoid at all costs:

Poor Time Management

Many students in universities in Singapore struggle to meet deadlines. The number one cause of this is poor management of their time. To maximise efficiency, you should prepare a schedule and follow it. Plan the semester ahead to avoid having to rush near the end.
Also, make sure that you set aside time to relax as well. You would not want to overwork yourself.

Regularly Having All-Nighters

Students are under pressure to cover a large amount of work in limited time. This leads to students frequently staying up all night to study. However, it is not a healthy idea to always lack sleep. Sleep deprivation lowers focus, which affects learning ability for the worse. This one habit could be your stapling block to achieving those good grades.

Having a Disorganised Study Space

You need to have a study space that is well-organised and presents the right environment for your study. Make sure you have enough light, have a comfortable chair, etc.
Total silence can help but is dependent on the person. Smooth background music can also boost your mood.

Having a Poor Diet

This is common since most students feel that they do not have time to cook. Even so, ensure that you have a healthy meal even if you are eating out. Stay away from junk food as much as possible. Moreover, some foods such as fish and nuts can boost cognitive abilities and memory.

Make sure to avoid the practices listed above. Adopting the right study habits can go a long way in boosting your grades.

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