a boy hugging his dadChild custody is one aspect of any divorce case that has proven to be quite complicated for many people. More often than not, decisions have been made out of emotions. This makes it even harder to secure a future for your kids.

As child custody lawyers in Santa Fe share, Here are some of the things you must avoid in order to get favorable results in your child custody case.

1. Not cooperating

One grave mistake one can make during a child custody case is failing to comply with the other party. Of course, you don’t have to agree with everything they say. But at least find a way to negotiate and make decisions amicably.

If you refuse to comply, the jury could think that you don’t have your children’s interest at heart, and you are only thinking of yourself — or worse — up to hurt them.

2. Not following a court order

Some people fail to adhere to hearing schedules. Others simply fail to follow court orders. They do this oblivious of what might turn against them when the jury makes the decisions.

Most judges won’t take this kindly. They will consider it disrespectful to their authority and expertise, and it might be a reason their final decision regarding your child custody would go badly for you.

3. Not hiring an attorney

Handling legal paperwork, attending to court schedules and presenting your arguments might seem like a simple task anyone could deal with. Wait until you miss a single detail. That is when you realize things aren’t as easy as they seem.

Working with an experienced child custody lawyer is crucial. They don’t just come with the right experience to handle your case, but they can also guide you on what you should and what you shouldn’t do in every step of a custody case proceeding.

While your former spouse has legal rights to come and see your kids, there are circumstances under which a court order may be compromised. For instance, you may lock your partner out of your home if all they do is threaten your life and that of your kids. However, adhering to the tips above will ensure that your custody case goes smoothly.

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