Bills and gold coins on the tableMany people are adamant about investing because they think they can only invest in real estate and stocks. What they don’t know is that there are smaller, tangible investments they can start today. Here are three suggestions.

Gold And Silver Coins

If you want to start a modest investment portfolio and you don’t want to be too aggressive, consider buying gold and silver coins. These are tangible investments, something that you can hold with your own hands, compared to a real estate property that you’re buying at a pre-selling price. Alternatively, you can also check the price of a gold bar and start from there.

Geek Collectibles

If you’re a fan of pop culture and you’re fond of collecting limited edition memorabilia like action figures and comic books, you might want to start buying collectables. Like gold and silver coins, these are also tangible investments that you can easily sell if you need the cash. You can check online for some items you can start buying or attend toy conventions and other similar events to check out the competition and other geek collectables you can buy.

Paintings and Sculptures

These are also tangible investments that you can buy through auctions. Like rare collectables, jewellery, and gold and silvers, you can hold them and sell them for profit whenever you wish. Best of all, you can enjoy them for the time being or lend them to a museum or gallery for the meantime. What’s important is that you own them and you can sell them anytime.

Start Investing

If you’re just starting out, consider investing in any of these three tangible investment types. They’re considered low-risk compared to real estate and stocks. Best of all, they are tangible. You can see them, touch them, hold them, and hold onto them for as long as you want until you are ready to liquidate.

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