Silk sheetsHave you grown tired of seeing the same thing in your bedroom? Fret not because there are plenty of ways to give it a fresh and fun twist. Enjoy a wonderful and restful when by following these unique yet refreshing ideas:

Bedding Choices

The right set of beddings is an important factor some people usually ignore. Instead of going for cotton fabric, Cozy Earth suggests that you try using other unconventional options. A flannel is ideal for the cold days. A  silk comforter, on the other hand, is a good choice during summer since it is naturally hypoallergenic.

Colors Matter

If you’re trying to achieve a certain mood or theme for your room, choosing the right shades and color palette is an important consideration. You’d like to make it as calm and soothing as possible and at the same time add a touch of your own personality. Neutral shades are always the safest choice but can be a bit basic, so you may need to bring in few elements to make it look livelier.

Pastels are often the top pick for bedrooms because they are relaxing and serene. But the challenge is to make it not look too childish. While bright and bold colors are not a popular choice, you can make them look relaxing with proper coordination.

Play on Prints

Experiment with different types of prints, colored or not. Many people are afraid of seeing too much pattern in their bedroom because it could somehow strain their eyes. The secret is proper coordination. Adding textures and prints is an effective way to break the impassiveness and plainness of the walls and side tables. It’s all about putting the right pieces in perspective.

When it comes to makeover, the most important thing is to capture the right mood and vibe to create a relaxing place where you could sleep and rest well. Take your bedroom’s comfort to a new level with these simple and easy decorating tips.

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