Interior DesignAre you undertaking a renovation project in your home, or are you building your home from scratch? The walls and floors are some of the critical areas that every homeowner should pay attention to; however, as you might have considered, floor-to-ceiling internal doors can make an excellent addition to your project.

How, though, do you know which interior doors will best match your design demands? Consider:

The Style of Doors

Internal doors take different styles such as the sliding, swinging, pivot, and folding doors.

  • Folding doors. These do not use up much wall space as one side folds onto the other.
  • Swinging doors. These are among the common types of doors. They attach and hinge on the wall, and come with a door handle, which you can use to open in one or two directions.
  • Sliding doors. Just as the name suggests, these open by moving to the side and overlapping each other. These doors do not need any clearance to open, thus most suitable for rooms with minimal clearance space.


Internal doors, be they pivot, swinging, or sliding doors, can be of various materials such as glass, wood, or aluminium. The choice of your material should, however, depend on the overall look you are going for and the total sum you are planning to spend.


There is no harm in choosing different types of doors for the different rooms in your home. To determine which ones are suitable to use in your home, consider the purpose of the different rooms and whether adding a specific door will enhance their functionality.

For instance, bathroom doors need to offer privacy, and a bedroom door should be soundproof.

Interior doors are a critical element in your home being that they are instrumental in enhancing the overall look of your home.

However, consider the most suitable material, style, and size that should go into the type of door you choose, especially if you are opting for floor-to-ceiling internal doors. With these details, your doors supplier shop will help you get the most appropriate door for your remodelling or construction project.

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